Minister wants improved welfare for research animals

Earlier in the week, Jørgensen passed initiatives to help pigs, fish and chickens

The minister of food products and agriculture, Dan Jørgensen, has continued in his animal welfare quest by revealing four research projects aimed at improving conditions for research animals.

1.4 million kroner has been earmarked for projects that will focus on reducing the suffering endured by animals involved in research and developing alternatives to using animals in research.

“We must develop useful alternatives to research animals where possible and simultaneously do what we can to ensure that the animals we do use do not suffer unnecessarily,” Jørgensen said in a press release.

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Animals needed for research
One of the projects will involve working with artificial arteries that can function as an alternative in the hunt for forms of treatment that can help diabetics with arteriosclerosis. Another project will involve reducing the pain endured by animals used in pain research.

“Unfortunately, we can’t completely get around using animals for research purposes in diabetes and other serious illnesses, but the welfare of the animals we do use needs to be in order,” Jørgensen said.

The other two projects will focus on blood sampling and developing methods that use a reduced number animals in the research of skin infections.

In the last couple of weeks, Jørgensen has agreed to several initiatives geared towards bettering the welfare of farm pigs, chickens and fish.