Bomb scare on Copenhagen-Oslo flight

Plane makes emergency landing in Sweden

An Oslo-bound flight from Copenhagen was forced to make an emergency landing at Gothenburg Airport at 4:30pm after one of the passengers claimed there was a bomb on board the Norwegian airline plane.

The 94 passengers and six crew were then safely evacuated, and a subsequent search of the plane by Swedish police bomb technicians discovered nothing suspicious.

Police took the passenger who made the claim off the Boeing 737 plane in handcuffs. He is currently being detained in Gothenburg.

Sounded Russian
“A passenger said that he had placed a bomb in the cargo area,” read a police statement.

According to a Norwegian TV2 reporter who was on the plane, the suspect tried to escape. "He tried to run from the police, he tried to flee," he told Norwegian TV2.

According to other reports, one of the passengers said the suspected sounded Russian.

Air traffic at Gothenburg Airport resumed at around 6:30pm.