Computer game sales booming

Industry experiencing massive growth thanks to digital download sales

Danes cannot get enough of computer games, especially when it comes to downloading them from the internet according to new figures.

Multimedieforeningen has revealed that in 2013, the gaming trade experienced growth of 83 percent on 2011, generating sales revenue of 1.43 billion kroner. Much of the success is primarily down to a sharp increase in digital sales.

In 2013, as much as 66 percent of the trade was digital rather than physical – the highest in Scandinavia, writes

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Using mobile phones
According to Morten Nielsen, the chairperson for Multimedieforeningen, Danes are dropping physical media and choosing to download games on to their mobiles and computers.

“Danes have generally been quick to make use of the opportunities offered by the internet, and the gaming industry has seen it as a positive sales channel from the start, as opposed to the film and music industry,” explained Nielsen.

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Shops not dead yet
However, despite booming digital sales, physical media continues to perform well, with only a 15 percent yearly drop in trade since 2011.

”The physical shops still have a reason to be around. Only here can you ask qualified staff for advice and receive a more thorough and personal service than the internet can offer,” added Nielsen.