Also at cinemas | The States, Spain and sadomasochism

I hope you enjoyed your trip to New York, though frankly I’m not sure what it is you thought you were coming back for. 

It most probably wasn’t Brick Mansions. After all, we have only recently been to Detroit (Only Lovers Left Alive) and found that there was not that much to see.

Plus how sure are you that you’ve seen all the best bits – those with the negative reviews on TripAdvisor because people want to keep them to themselves.

And those that don’t exist anymore, like the Twin Towers. In a grand gesture, director James Marsh (Project Nim) gave them back to New York in 2008, along with a Frenchman and a tightrope. He’ll be at the Cinemateket this Saturday (6.45pm) to introduce his Man on Wire

If you’ve had enough of Gotham for the week, there is also Catalonia. Find out more about this potential future independent nation and its films (as well as Tapas and Cavas) at Cinemateket this weekend.

And to dispel any allegations that this column has been brought to you by DFI, let me turn my gaze to one of those visually sticky places: fetishism.

Remedy was such a success at the Fetish Film Festival in Copenhagen last month, that the audience favourite is being screened again at the KBH Huset on Monday (7.30pm).

Cheyenne Picardo’s not unautobiographical film follows a young dominatrix through New York’s (here we go again…) kink clubs and BDSM dungeons where she helps strangers live out their sexual and psychological fantasies. Why not bring your date to conduct a test of character.

And if we’re talking about travelling and sex, the most convenient way to combine them must be to stay right here at the Huset and let the monthly ‘Best of the B-movies’ series introduce you to the Dolls of the Shogun’s Harem, Suzuki’s stylish journey through the sexual intrigues of the ruling classes in 17th century Japan (Sat 7pm). 

If you’re not in the sexy mood,  join for a promising screening of the cutting-edge documentary Riots Reframed at VerdensKulturCentret (Sun 3pm) followed by a panel discussion with the director and others.