Japanese foreign minister visits Denmark

Fumio Kishida is the first Japanese foreign minister to visit Denmark since 1985

Fumio Kishida, the foreign minister of Japan, will become the first Japanese foreign minister to visit Denmark since 1985 when he arrives in Copenhagen today.

Kishida will be staying in the country until May 2 and will be meeting with his Danish counterpart, Martin Lidegaard, on Thursday to discuss the implementation of the strategic partnership that was agreed to earlier this year.

On May 2, he is scheduled to meet the Danish trade and development minister, Mogens Jensen, to discuss potential agreements after 2015 as well as bilateral financial and trade issues.

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Strengthening bonds
The strategic partnership will contribute to the promotion and positioning of Denmark as a political and financial partner for Japan and will help expand the co-operation between Danish and Japanese authorities, businesses and research institutions.

Furthermore, the partnership will further strengthen Danish welfare technology, life sciences, agriculture and food products. The energy and environmental sector, science, innovation and education will also benefit, as will tourism between the two nations.