This week’s dates: Liberation Day and Sirene test

May 5: Liberation Day
Monday marks the day in 1945 when WWII ended in Denmark. German forces had actually surrendered the evening before on May 4, but the liberation did not become official until 8am the next day, after which the Allied forces arrived at 4:32pm.

May 5 is not a holiday and it may even seem like a typical day to outsiders. Some still light candles on the windowsills to mark it.

May 7: Siren Test 
We haven’t had a war at home since, but if we do, how will we be warned? Here’s how: the noisy alarm sirens will go off and you’ll know it’s time to hoard some vital supplies, seek cover and turn on the radio.

And how will you recognise the sirens?

Because every year at noon on the first Wednesday of May, the sirens are tested to make sure people don’t forget how they sound.