City hospital sucked into gossip rag scandal

May 7th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Investigation underway into whether an healthcare employee leaked patient information

The Se og Hør scandal continues to widen. In the latest turn, Rigshospitalet is investigating whether an employee was paid by the gossip magazine to leak information about celebrity patients hospital visits.

Anonymous sources have told TV2 News that information about the pregnancy tests of well-known female patients has been sold to Se og Hør.

“If it is true, it is unacceptable,” Jannik Hilsted, a hospital spokesperson, told TV2 News. “A patient must be able to trust that their hospital records are private.”

Someone at the hospital was previously suspected of giving out personal information in 2011 when TV presenter Anders Lund Madsen and his girlfriend were surprised by photographers outside the hospital following an ultrasound scan of their unborn child. An examination at the time failed to uncover a link.

Passenger lists and pregnancy tests
New accusations have encouraged the hospital to reopen the investigation, focusing on the electronic system used to book scanning visits.

“We are looking at the IT-system used to book scans to see if it is at fault,” said Hilsted. “But there could also be a personnel failure whereby an employee is systematically leaking information.”

Hilsted said that hospital staff have been informed that it is a crime to leak patient information and that anyone doing so so will be penalised.

Reports earlier this week accused Se og Hør of buying passenger information from SAS and the results of pregnancy tests of well-known Danes.


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