Politics, acupuncture, and poppies

If you haven’t had enough of Eurovision yet, watch the finals live at Café RETRO Nørrebro’s free extravaganza, complete with commentary, trivia and prizes. In the end, the café will host its own voting – could Denmark win twice in one night? (Jaegersborggade 14, Cph N; 10 May, 21:00)

(Phopo: Wikimedia)

Fresh off the success of its last storytelling event, the CTC will host brunch at Café Cadeau followed by childhood stories from a group of performers. All profits benefit charity (Hans Christian Oersted Road 28, Frederiksberg C; 10 May, 10:30; 150kr, buy tickets at ctcircle.dk)

(Photo: Wikimedia)

International House will host candidates for the upcoming European Parliament elections at an event that includes refreshments, networking and discussions of current issues such as EU foreign policy and daily life in Denmark (Gyldenløvesgade 11, Cph V; 15 May, 16:30; free, register at ihcph.dk)

Danish politics’ newest party, The Alternative, will offer an English introduction to their values, principles and political focus at Republikken, followed by a workshop that aims to model a “radical new participatory democracy” (Vesterbrogade 26, Cph K; 12 May, 18:00; free, 55kr for dinner)

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Former nurse Lizbeth Larsen is an expert in acupuncture, zonetherapy and massage-gua-sha – listen to her insights at the CIS about a healthy life through diet and hormonal balance (Hellerupvej 22-26, Hellerup; 15 May, 18:30; free for members, 150kr for non-members)

Now that spring has finally sprung, bring a little more green into your life at the Jaegersborg Library’s “Create Your Own Urban Garden” event. Perfect for families and children and includes herbs and flowers to take home (Smakkegårdsvej 112, Gentofte; 10 May, 11:00; free)