TV show tests if the price is right on prostitution

May 10th, 2014

This article is more than 10 years old.

If you've ever wondered how much a blowjob would cost on the street, tune in to the public service channel DR2 on Monday at 22:00, as the TV show '2 Blowjobs, tak' (2 Blowjobs, please) promises to have the answer. 

Host Christian Schou has volunteered to guide you through the range of sexual services offered around the country and will try to find out how much you can get for a thousand kroner.

Vesterbro bargains
The programme will introduce viewers to high-class escort agencies and follow sex workers in their daily lives. It will also take you to Copenhagen's red light district in Vesterbro, where eastern European and African prostitutes give away blowjobs at giveaway prices.

Here, the host concludes that he could probably manage to bargain his way to as many as ten sexual acts for a thousand kroner. 

Legal sex workers
It's rarely discussed in the open, but buying and selling sex in Denmark is a legal affair, although organised prostitution remains illegal.

Every sixth man has purchased sex and the more than 400 brothels in the country turn over 1.2 billion kroner a year, according to statistics from Danmarks Statistik.

But if you want to know exactly how much a thousand bucks will get you here, you will have to wait until Monday to find out. 


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