Parliament pulls viral Voteman video

Decapitation and blowjobs in election cartoon was too much for social media

A cartoon election video, in which the violent main character ‘Voteman’ forces young people to vote in the parliamentary elections, crossed the line and has been withdrawn, confirmed parliament chairman Mogens Lykketoft. 

"Many, whose views I deeply respect, found the EU Information Centre’s cartoon to be much more damaging and offensive than it was intended to be and felt it talked down to young people," Lykketoft told Ekstra Bladet.

Luring young voters with blowjobs
The aim of the cartoon – featuring decapitation and blowjobs – was to arouse the curiosity of young people when it comes to parliamentary elections.

"Reactions on social media are sharply divided between those who find it unacceptably lame and those who find it to be crude but acceptable humour that could raise awareness of the election on May 25. The latter was the intention." 

The video, which cost 200,000 kroner to make, was removed from parliament's Youtube channel this morning at around 10am.