Plans for new city Metro line unveiled

May 15th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Underground line is expected to lead to 3,000 fewer cars and 43,000 more daily Metro commuters

The government has revealed that it has agreed with the City Council to build a new Metro line out into the Sydhavn district by 2023 at a cost of 8.6 billion kroner.

The new line will consist of five stops at Fisketorvet, Frederiksholmsløbet, Slusen, Mozarts Plads and Ny Ellebjerg – the first four of which will be underground – and is expected to contribute to the reduction of traffic congestion and generate growth and jobs in the city.

“It is essential for the government to prioritise public transport,” Bjarne Corydon, the finance minister, said in a press release.

“The establishment of a Sydhavn Metro will upgrade public transport in the capital and I’m pleased to have agreed with the City Council on this.”

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Taking more responsibility
The plan is that the project will be financed by the city developer By og Havn, and that the City Council will take a 40 percent stake and thus take on a great deal of risk with the project.

“I applaud the agreement because Copenhagen will have a greater responsibility for Copenhagen,” the economic affairs and interior minister, Margrethe Vestager, said in a press release.

“Copenhagen has a duty to push growth to the rest of the nation, and taking a greater responsibility for its infrastructure helps that.”

The new Metro line is expected to lead to 3,000 fewer cars on the roads in the city and 43,000 more commuters travelling on the Metro on a daily basis.

But before the Sydhavn Metro line can come to fruition, the agreement must be approved by parliament and Borgerrepræsentationen, the citizenry representation in Copenhagen, which will have to vote on the issue by June 18.

Furthermore, Frederiksberg Council must also agree to the deal.


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