City taking steps to soften its drinking water

The capital region could save 228 million kroner a year using descaled water

Brøndby council will be the setting for a new trial project that will soften the council’s drinking water by removing calcium from its water.

The capital region’s supply company, Hofor, expects to be able to soften Brøndby council’s water using a so-called pellet method treatment some time during 2016.

“Right now we are trying out the pellet method that we intend to use in the council in 2016,” Søren Lind, a spokesperson from Hofor, told Ingeniøren newspaper. “It looks as if it is working as it should and that we will be able to deliver water quality that is about ten degrees softer, as we promised.”

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Huge savings potential
Hofor hopes that the trial will lead to the entire capital having softer drinking water by 2022, although that would require political approval from all the area’s councils.

Hofor’s calculations convey that the average family of four in Copenhagen can save about 500 kroner a year because of softer water.

Consultancy group Cowi, estimated that the capital region could save 228 million kroner per year using descaled water.