Electric car sales on the rise in Denmark

But they still only account for a fraction of all new car purchases

Electric car sales in Denmark have increased sevenfold compared to last year: 407 electric cars were sold between January and the end of April of 2014

Tesla's Model S has already sold 126 times this year compared to just 112 over the whole of 2013.

Nissan’s Leaf, the worldwide bestseller that accounts for nearly half of all electric cars sold, has also sold more than double (190) the copies of last year (58). Additionally, the car rental company Avis has ordered 400 Leafs that do not appear in the statistics.

Can Golf close the gulf?
The introduction in September of the Volkswagen e-Golf, which can run 130-190 km on one charge and costs around 290,000 kroner, will mark another milestone in the introduction of electric cars in Denmark.

However, electric cars are still a drop in the ocean that is the Danish car market. Total car sales for the first four months of 2014 amounted to 64,355 – an increase of 11 percent on last year.