An ale of a good time

Tap1, Ny Carlsbergvej 91, Cph V; May 22-24, until 23:00; 200kr;

Beer Festival

The Beer Festival is returning to TAP1 for three days of sampling the finest ales on offer (200kr for ten). 

Hosted by the Danish Beer Enthusiasts, the 14th Beer Festival in Copenhagen will, as usual, give the guests the  eagerly awaited opportunity to sample a great variety of beers with the organisers promising several novelties never before presented in Denmark.  

The main attraction is the beer itself: 70 exhibitors and around 800 different beers are ready to be served up at the festival. These include traditional ales as well as more exotic fruit and chocolate beers.

Denmark v Sweden 

Parken, Cph Ø; May 28, 20:15; 175-75kr; 

(Photo: Colourbox)

Zlatan and co have been invited to Parken to celebrate 125 years of the beautiful game in Denmark. As both teams will be confined to their Ikea sofas in June, this is the Scandinavian equivalent of the World Cup. 

Bellahøj Flea Market  

Hvidkildevej 66, Cph NV; May 23-25; 20kr;

(Photo: Flickr: Hunter Desportes)

For the 23rd year in a row the gigantic Bellahøj Flea Market is dedicated to Help a Child with profits going to homeless kids in Denmark. A fairground, kids flea market and live music ensure it’s a family-friendly day.