Freshers felt violated by initiation rituals

Bloody pig and sheep heads and endless amounts of alcohol are among the first things fresher students of political science at Copenhagen University get their hands on when they begin their studies.

Two students have complained about the sexist and homophobic rituals they were subjected to during their initiation week in 2012, when they were made to caress a chopped-off pig's head and then told to put the meat in their underpants to strengthen their libido. 

"We had to touch the sheep's head and feel how the lips felt like a cunt," a student, 22-year-old Jonas Lykke Larsen, told Uniavisen, before he was told to go and wash his mouth out with soap and water.

Who do you want to sleep with?
He was especially concerned with the sexist rituals. Boys had to stand on a beer crate and point out the girls they wanted to have sex with, while girls had to share their sexual fantasies.

“Studying political science you are told that you will one day be part of the elite. I think it's problematic when fresher week includes these sexist and homophobic rituals.”

Birgitte Sloth, an associate dean at the faculty of social sciences, told Berlingske that the faculty won't let the students arrange these rituals again.

"Our guidelines for the fresher weeks are clear. They can't be offensive, and what I hear sounds offensive," she said.