This week’s dates: Happy Birthday Frederik

May 26: Happy Birthday Frederik!
Crown Prince Frederik turns 46 on Monday. Expect lots of flags. He is the eldest son of Queen Margrete II so one day he will become the king of Denmark.

A father of four, a devoted sportsman and a real man-of-the-people, Frederik is expected to be a popular king and unlike to other members of the Royal Family he is rarely ridiculed by the media.

May 29: Kristi Himmelfart
Pray for warm weather on Thursday (and Friday) for those are your days off! Ascension Day on Thursday is a Christian holiday celebrated 40 days after the resurrection of Christ.

Ascension these days means you should get up from your office chair and enjoy the sun. Most companies and shops also close down on Friday, because who wants to work for just one day before the weekend?