TDC technicians walk off the job

Wildcat strike all about the money

Technicians working nationwide for the telecommunications group TDC decided at lunchtime today to lay down their tools in a wildcat strike.

“This is an unofficial strike,” said TDC in a statement.”We encourage workers to return to work so as not to inconvenience customers.”

Any customer that was expecting a visit from a tech today or tomorrow is bound to be disappointed. TDC is contacting affected customers to set up new appointments.

It's the money, stupid
TDC and the workers' union Dansk Metal, which is negotiating on behalf of the workers, acknowledged last week that they were very far apart on wage demands. Employees are asking for an across the board increase to keep up with inflation, leaving room for managers to give raises to employees that they deem deserving. Dansk Metal said that TDC would not agree to a general raise and said that salary increases should remain the domain of individual managers.

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When negotiations ground to a halt last week, the parties agreed to meet again on 3 June, but some employees decided to walk off the job today.