An art world that never sleeps

Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand, Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; opens June 14

The exhibition Paint New York: Painting from the American East Coast is a tribute to the city of New York as the birthplace of artistic movements and an international art capital. 

The exhibition features the work of eleven artists, including Elizabeth Peyton, Cecily Brown, James Todd, Joe Bradley and others – all of whom have been influenced by a legendary city whose art world never sleeps. 

Their work covers a vast variety of subjects and styles, from American culture to the human body, and from graffiti art to classic still-lifes.

Gallery Poulsen Summer Show 2014  

Flæsketorvet 24, Cph V; opens June 13;



This summer exhibition will feature the work of five artists from the US, Denmark, and the UK: Alfred Steiner, Barnaby Whitfield, Jacob Dahlstrup, Jean-Pierre Roy and William Powhida.

Practice makes Perfect

Designmuseum Danmark, Bredgade 68, Cph K; opens June 27;


Honoring the seminal Danish furniture designer Kaare Klint, this celebrates his work as a teacher at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he cultivated several influential pupils. 

Julie Nord: Just Like Home

Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand, Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; opens June 14;



Julie Nord’s Just Like Home explores how one adapts to family dynamics. The exhibition is set to feature drawings and paintings, as well as a spatial installation.