Foreign Ministry changes Israel travel advice

All unnecessary travel within 40km of Gaza should be avoided

The Danish Foreign Ministry yesterday sharpened its travel precautions to Danes travelling to Israel.

While most travellers can go to Israel without complications, they should still be aware that recent hostilities make terrorism a potent risk.

Danish nationals should avoid all unnecessary travel within 40 kilometres of the border with Gaza, where Palestinian militants have lately fired rockets and the Israeli military has carried out dozens of air raids.

Can change quickly
The update comes after Israeli authorities yesterday issued a rocket attack warning to citizens living up to 40 km away from Gaza, but the risk of rocket attacks striking outside that perimeter can't be excluded.

Travellers should stay updated on the situation, which can change quickly, and show precaution when visiting the borders of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

The travel advice regarding Palestine remains unchanged. The Foreign Ministry advises travellers to stay out of Gaza and the West Bank and in general avoid protesting crowds.