Health News in Brief: More under-30s opting for anti-wrinkle treatment

Government launches new organ donation initiatives

More under-30s opting for anti-wrinkle treatment
According to research by DR, around 20 percent of last year's anti-wrinkle treatment procedures were performed on women under the age of 30. At Denmark’s largest private clinic, AlerisHamlet, 13 percent of all treatments were provided to the age bracket, while the figure was 20 percent at N’Age clinic – a 20 percent increase in relation to 2012. “These young women want the treatment because they spot the beginning of a wrinkle or a pigment blemish,” Ida Bille Brahe, the owner of N’Age, told DR. According to Galderma Nordic, a manufacturer of anti-wrinkle treatment products, 22,000 procedures were carried out in Denmark in 2013.

Nudging the public to donate their organs
The government has launched 23 new initiatives to encourage more people to carry donor cards. Nineteen of the initiatives are aimed at the healthcare system, and the other four at the public. One of them, which is being referred to as ‘nudging’, are reminder emails to register as a donor sent to anyone who changes their address at, orders a health insurance card at or checks their student loan on eboks.

Patients at risk if hospitals are over-full
A study of 2.6 million hospital admissions has revealed that the mortality rate of a hospital filled to 110 percent of its capacity is 9 percent higher than a hospital filled to 80 percent. “If patients do not get the treatment they need and face a greater risk of dying,” the study’s author Flemming Madsen told Information newspaper.

Apology for cancer patients who were over-medicated
Ole Thomsen, the healthcare director of Central Denmark Region, has apologised to cancer patients who were over-medicated while undergoing chemotherapy at hospitals in Aarhus, Odense and Vejle. The patients effectively overdosed on cabazitaxel, according to the findings of an investigation conducted by Oslo University Hospital. Thomsen said he “deeply regretted the inconvenience it has caused”.