Summer like the royals in Southern Jutland

Find out why so many prefer the stable weather conditions of the south

It is no surprise that the southern Jutland region is the royals’ destination of choice for the summer holidays.

Being so close to the mainland of Europe means stable warm weather during the summer months: it is never too hot and rarely cold or wet.

This makes the region ideal for summer days spent outside enjoying the local natural areas, be it forests on the island of Als or beaches on the west coast.

Speaking of beaches, southern Denmark is the place to go if you are looking for a holiday that involves a lot of beach time.

On the west coast, the soft-sanded beaches of Blåvand offer plenty of space and the chance to do some windsurfing.

To the east lies the Flensburg Fjord, where the calm waters are perfect for the entire family to go swimming.

And be sure to check out Kægnæs on Als, where some of the region’s best beaches are located.

But the area is about more than just good weather and great beaches.

It is also filled with culture and history, which changes the further south you travel.

Starting in the north near Jelling, you can experience the roots of Danish history with Europe’s finest Viking-Age monuments and a UNESCO  World Heritage Site.

Moving south, the history is not as old and the culture becomes more flavoured by German influences.But don’t assume that this makes the region any less Danish.

Important parts of Danish history happened here, including the signing of a peace treaty with Germany following the Battle of Dybbøl.

To learn more about this and the other wars that took place in the region, be sure to visit the town of Sønderborg, where there are numerous historical attractions.

No trip to southern Jutland would be complete without a trip across the border to do some shopping – prices in Germany are cheaper.

Stock up on beer, soda and sweets, but make sure to devote an entire afternoon because the shops are very busy at this time of year.

Want to avoid the long lines? Plan a day-trip to the German city of Flensburg, take in some local sights and shop at one of the larger shopping centres in the evening on your way home.

Looking for a family-friendly holiday? This is easy in southern Jutland.

Located on the island of Als, Danfoss Universe is a science centre that is sure to fascinate the entire family.

Looking for a theme park? Check out Sommerland Syd in Tinglev.

And don’t forget Legoland in Billund, which is sure to keep everyone entertained on a warm summer day.

Both Sommerland Syd and Legoland also have water parks should you tire of the rides and want to beat the heat.

No matter how you decide to spend your holiday in southern Jutland, be sure to master the word ‘mojn’, which means both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in the local dialect.


Choosing a place to stay in southern Jutland can be difficult because there are so many options.

On the east coast, Gl. Ålbo is a great choice. The area offers campsites, cabins and holiday homes.

You also have some wonderful opportunities for fun there, including fishing, boating and diving.

Looking for something on the west coast? Hotel Kommandørgården on Rømø is a nice place – it offers many different holiday packages that include activities like golfing and horseback riding.

Want to be close to everything? Choose to stay at a summerhouse at Lalandia Billund, right in the heart of the region.

Our pick 

Lalandia Billund.

Renting a summerhouse here also grants you free entrance to the Aqua-dome, Monky Tonky Land and various children’s entertainment.

Choose to cook your own dinners, but be sure to check out one of the local restaurants while you’re there (more information available at


Don’t be fooled by the region’s calm outward appearance – there’s plenty to explore in southern Jutland.

The visitors’ centre at Battlefield Centre Dybbøl Banke is well worth a visit, and throughout the summer, the region has a number of Ringriding Festivals, which look like jousting, but actually involve an individual rider trying to stick a pointy pole into increasingly smaller rings at a galloping speed.

For a few thrills of your own, head over to one of the region’s two amusement parks or Sommerland Syd in Tinglev.

Looking to spend the day on the beach? Head west to Rømø, where you can drive right out onto the beach to reach the water, and where you can also enjoy the sight of different kites being flown; many beaches offer kite rentals.

Our pick

The beaches on Rømø stretch as far as the eye can see, and no matter which way you look there’s something going on, be it kite flying, land sailing or surfing.

Going for a swim? Be sure to drive all the way out on the sand until you see water to avoid a long walk (read more:


Southern Jutland is full of great places to eat with a total of eight restaurants that have earned Gastronomy Danmarks Quality Mark.

In the town of Ribe, you’ll find the charming Kolvig Restaurant & Café, which has a terrace overlooking a river.

If you’re looking for a fine-dining experience, head south and eat at either Schackenborg Slotskro or Hotel Fakkelgaarden.

Perhaps you’re hungering for something a little more international. If so, be sure to stop in Sønderborg and book a table at Restaurant Dejengis Khan Mongolian Barbecue. 

After dinner, take a walk along the pedestrian street and get dessert at one of the ice cream or chocolate shops.

Our pick

Restaurant Dejengis Khan Mongolian Barbecue. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet with two different food options, and the prices are reasonable.

The build-your-own-stir-fry option is a great choice (St. Rådhusgade 13, Sønderborg).

Southern Jutland

During your visit to southern Jutland, don’t be confused if someone says ‘goodbye’ using the same word that he greets you with.

In the local dialect, ‘mojn’ means both – and the locals will be delighted to hear you give it a try.

The entire region is a charming mix of friendly people, attractions, beaches, great places to eat and culture.

Enjoy Danish history all the way from the Viking era up to the war of 1864, which saw the loss of significant Danish territory.

This is also the area to visit if you are looking to enjoy some relaxed beaches. Both the east and west coasts provide many options.

Looking to get out and explore nature? Head all the way down south to the island of Als where two large forests are situated, or head west to the Wadden Sea, an intertidal zone.

Want to satisfy your need for thrills? Be sure to check out the roller-coasters at Legoland or Sommerland Syd.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your holiday, southern Jutland is the place to make it a memorable one.