Husband admits to strangling mother of two in Glostrup

July 29th, 2014

This article is more than 10 years old.

Anders Larsen admits to killing Hafida Bourouih but denies dismembering her body

It was the disfigured body of 39-year-old Hafida Bourouih that was found this morning near a hut in southern Zealand. She was reported missing on Saturday after she disappered right before she was supposed to travel to Morocco with her two children.

BT reports that her killer was her 40-year-old husband, Anders Larsen, who confessed to the court of Glostrup today that he murdered his wife, but denied accusations that he had attempted to cut the body into two parts.

Drove with body and kids in car
Larsen and Bourouih allegedly had a fight while their children were in their room watching cartoons. When Bourouih threatened him with a knife, the former boxer struck her down and strangled her to death using a cord. 

He then wrapped the body in plastic, put it in the boot of his car and drove away with the children in the car.

When the children were asleep, he allegedly tried to halve the body and leave it in two places, but gave up. He drove back in the hope that he would return to the scene and try again but he was arrested in Albertslund. 

Police found a saw, a knife, an axe and sharpening tools along with some of Bourouih's belongings on Monday, leading them to suspect that Larsen tried to cut up his dead wife.

Emotional relatives
Bourouih's family reacted strongly to Larsen's confession. At one point during the trial, a man stood up, pointed at the defendant and yelled at him.

"Wasn't it enough for you to hit her? What about your kids? I really hope you have a bad conscience you little whore!"

Anders Larsen will remain in custody for four weeks until his verdict is delivered.


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