Dane allegedly captured by Islamic State

Two Italians and a Japanese citizen were reportedly also seized

A Dane is among the four people who have been captured in Syria by the militant group the Islamic State (IS), according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

The Foreign Ministry is looking into the allegations that the Dane was being held along with two Italians and a Japanese citizen.

“We are looking into the case,” Martin Lidegaard the foreign minister, said according to Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

“We can’t confirm it yet, but we can’t deny it either. We hope to shed some light on the issue some time today.”

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Kidnapped and moved
The four foreign nationals being held are either members of the media or aid workers who were seized in the Syrian cities of Aleppo or Idlib, but have reportedly since been moved to the IS stronghold of Raqqa.

Earlier this year, the Danish journalist Jeppe Nybroe was released from captivity after being held for about four weeks in Syria following his kidnapping in Lebanon. 

Earlier this week, IS released a gruesome video that showed the execution of James Foley, a US photographer captured in November 2012.