Romeo & Juliet: Star-crossed lovers under the open sky

Watch Shakespeare as he intended: outside at the castle.

As part of their worldwide castle tour, acclaimed theatre troupe TNT theatre alongside ADG Europe are bringing the popular Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet to the courtyard of Rosenborg Castle.

The company has gained a global reputation for performing the works of Shakespeare as they would have been seen in Elizabethan times – outside with music, choreography and effortless performance.

Paul Stebbings, the troupe’s director, hopes their traditional version of Romeo and Juliet will distance it from the likes of West Side Story and the awfully clichéd film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

As there is minimal setting, the troupe calls upon their audience to use their imagination – something that will be helped by the historical setting provided by the backdrop of Rosenborg Castle.

The music that aids the transition of scenes and adds to the poetry of others is played on baroque instruments similar to those available in Shakespeare’s day as well as music sung live by members of the cast.

Through their simplistic approach the themes of love, death, honour and pride are clearly highlighted.

Süddeutsche Zeitung called this performance “world class theatre” whilst the Scotsman noted that it was “astonishingly inventive”, and the troupe are sure to receive more positive reviews on the duration of their tour.

To see a Shakespeare play performed outdoors is something everyone must experience, but do remember to wrap up warm!

Rosenborg Castle grounds, Cph K; Aug 28, 18:00; 200kr, 7015 6565,;