Joint German-Danish police patrols to tackle transnational crime

Danish ministry of justice intensifies its efforts against transnational crime by launching a new cross-border co-operation between the Danish and German police

Facts about Danish-German joint patrols 

– Danish and German police officers will drive on joint patrols on both sides of the border

– Responsibilty for these cross-border interventions will lie with the country where the patrols take place. Police officers involved in joint patrols will be under   supervision of the competent authorities of the host state

– German and Danish policemen will wear their own uniforms

– The chief constable of south Jutland police permits German police officials to carry weapons and ammunition in accordance with the weapons act

– German police officers are only allowed to exercise their authority on Danish territory in cases of legitimate self-defence or when defending others 

– The project will initially run for a year

– The project is limited to an area of ​​25 km from the Danish-German border