Christmas decorations confuse shoppers

A shopping street in central Copenhagen celebrated Christmas early today

Shoppers on Købmagergade were surprised to find Christmas decorations lining the street, more than three months before the event. 

Many, including Anders Bæskgaard, a Berlingske journalist, took to Twitter to express their bemusement. 

"Now I've seen everything," Bæskgaard wrote, tweeting a picture of the festive decor. "Maybe a little early. Just a tad."

Not decking the halls just yet
However, it soon became clear that the decorations are not here to stay. Maria Auchenberg, the project leader of KBH-Commerce and culture, soon solved the mystery: Magasin is currently shooting its Christmas film, and it needs the street to look festive. 

The red and green hearts will be taken down at around midnight and will not reappear across the city until November 15, much to the relief of Scrooges everywhere. 

Festivity fans, on the other hand, can head down to Købmagergade for a sneak peek of what is to come.