Vestas secures another order in Poland

Turbines ready for use in the third quarter of 2015

The Danish wind-turbine giant Vestas has secured a turbine order in Poland placed by ERG Renew, a subsidiary of the Italian energy group ERG SpA, one of the top energy operators in Europe.

The deal means that Vestas will provide 21 V90-2.0 MW turbines earmarked for a wind-power project in Kujawsko-Pomorskie in the province of Radziejów.

“Vestas is pleased that our valued customer ERG Renew has chosen us to partner with them to develop a wind power project in Poland,” Klaus Steen Mortensen, the president of Vestas Northern Europe, said in a press release.

“As a business partner, Vestas will ensure a flawless execution of the project to maximise the business case for ERG. It is a long-term partnership we embark on every time we sign an order for Vestas turbines.”

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Buzzing by 2015
The delivery of the wind turbines is scheduled for the second quarter of 2015 and they will be ready for use in the third quarter of that year.

Aside from the delivery, the agreement also includes the installation and commissioning of the turbines along with the provision of a Vestas Online Business SCADA solution. 

As of today, Vestas has delivered about 540 wind turbines to Poland, producing more than 1,100 MW.