Another death traced to Listeria

Sandwich meat death toll continues to rise

The listeria bacteria found in rullepølser produced by the company Jørn A Rullepølser has now claimed its 14th victim. 

Along with the death toll, the number of those infected nationwide continues to rise. Statens Serum Institut (SSI) reports that three more people have been infected, taking the total to 37 people – 17 men and 20 women.

Companies too slow to pull products
SSI is tracking new listeria cases and attempting to trace the infections back to the source.

Over 40 companies have been too slow to remove possibly infected products from the shelves and have been fined up to 40,000 kroner.

Some of the companies involved have delivered meals to the elderly or to other companies, and the food authority, Fødevarestyrelsen, said that they were too slow withdrawing products. 

More than one type of sausage infected
The dangerous bacteria infects its victims through contaminated food and can be especially dangerous to people with already weakened immune systems.

SSI said that rullepølser is not the only source of the bacteria. Salami and grilled sausages were also infected.