Plan to make capital’s bike lanes safer for cyclists and bus passengers

‘Virtual islands’ with LED lights could signal bikes to stop

The City Council is working on a solution to a conflict that can arise when passengers disembark buses on cycle lanes. The rule is that when buses stop for passengers to exit, cyclists give way to them. But this rule is often disregarded, which has given rise to an innovative solution.

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Virtual islands
The concept is to create virtual islands on the bike lanes, where light signals, for example LEDs in the asphalt, will signal cyclists to stop when buses pull in to stop.

Morten Kabell, the deputy mayor for technical and environmental affairs, is excited by the prospect. “I see big potential in this solution,” he said in a press release.

“In this way the cycle lanes will be limited slightly, but only when buses stop there. It’s an exciting way to optimise our cycle lanes so they become safer both for cyclists and bus passengers.”

Physical islands not always possible
Kabell explained that building physical islands between bus lanes and cycle lanes was not always possible. “We know that the traditional bus platforms and islands are a good solution, but we can’t make them at all bus stops because some streets are simply too narrow,” Kabell said.

The first trial version of the island will be installed next year. The project will cost 1.8 million kroner.