Happy times with Pharrell

The producer turned iconic frontman has been tightening his grip on the international pop stage since emerging with his skateboard hip-hop punk band N*E*R*D in the early ‘00s. 
Since going solo in the mid ‘00s, Williams has blown up on the hip-hop pop world stage, working on projects across the board.
Piling up a discography of uppity dance floor movers such as ‘Get Lucky’, ‘Happy’ and  ‘Marilyn Monroe’ – from his newly-released album, Girl (2014) – Williams is getting himself involved in some interesting collaborations. His most impressive work is that done in collaboration with the eponymous dance-robots, Daft Punk, which tucks into a variation of dance genres, from ‘70s disco through to early ‘90s pop.

With exception to his plastered-on baby-face smirk and one or two goofy hats – a gimmick exhausted by the enigmatic ‘90s pop personality Jamiroquai – Williams continues to shepherd hip-hop radio pop in the right direction, turning out a couple of high flying US Billboard numbers annually. 

Unfortunately, tickets have officially sold out, although there are a number of available options online to get your hands on a ticket via reseller websites. For the diehard fans, paying a little over the odds will matter little.

Fri 12 Sep, 20:00; Forum; purchase via online resellers (approx 1,000kr)