Hospitals in the capital region will allow round-the-clock visits

Family members will soon be able to visit their loved-ones at hospital 24/7

The capital region is introducing free visiting hours at all the region's hospitals, reported DR.

As of now, many hospital departments limit family visits to just a few evening hours. 

However, according to Svend Hartling, the executive vice president at the capital region, this should be possible anytime. 

"It's good for the patients, who know that their relatives would not otherwise be able to come within the opening hours," Hartling told DR. 

Beneficial for the patients
The free visiting hours have already been successfully tested at a number of hospital departments in the region.  

"It is an advantage, really. Instead of all at once, patients get their visitors throughout the day," confirmed Hartling to DR . 

Must not intervene with treatment
In individual cases, the medical personnel can put a stop on the nonstop visiting hours. 

For instance, if they consider the visits are too much for the patient or if the visits intervene with his treatment.