New strategy to bolster traffic safety

More random checks and better inspection on the agenda

The Traffic Ministry has unveiled a new ten-point strategy aimed at strengthening safety in traffic and tackling issues of illegally mounted safety equipment for children in cars and buses.

The transport minister Magnus Heunicke said that the strategy was an important step towards doing away with illegal safety equipment in Denmark.

“Safety in traffic is essential,” Heunicke said in a press release. “And when children are involved we must be extra vigilant.”

“This is a clear strategy that will help tackle safety problems for children in cars and busses and that is important.”

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More difficult to sell illegal equipment
The traffic authorities Trafikstyrelsen decided to improve the area after randomly checking buses with retrofitted safety equipment such as seat belts and after meeting with the ministry, it has begun implementing the ten-point plan.

The strategy will make it more difficult to sell illegal safety equipment in Denmark, while a campaign will enlighten parents and school children about the rules and regulations concerning safety equipment.