Organic sex toys are hitting the spot

Danish women like their dildos made ​​of wood

Danish women prefer to shop organic. And it is not just for cucumbers or milk anymore.

Organic sex toys are becoming increasingly popular too, reports Metroexpress.

"When it comes to 'down there', Danish women are rather picky," commented sex therapist Joan Ørting to the newspaper.

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More conscious choices in the bedroom

In 2006, the Danish board of health reported that some sex toys contained high concentrations of harmful phthalates. 

Since then, Danes have become more conscious and fastidious about their choices of pleasure products for their bedroom-time.

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Wooden dildos and organic lubricants
"Wooden dildos, organic massage oils, and chemical-free lubricants are now a big hit," Ørting told Metroexpress. 

"It's like our second mouth. Just as we care about what we eat, we care about what else we put into ourselves." 

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Return to primal times
Ørting believes the eco-trend indicates that Danish women have a more holistic approach to life and sex.  

According to her, people are also slowly returning to the primal past. 

"In prehistoric times, women also used dildos made of wood. There is, indeed, something masculine and naughty about them. They feel right, and the smell of wood is like the smell of the Vikings," concluded  Ørting.