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Catch it at Bådteatret between September 12 and 20

FasterPussycat’s latest production, Finding Sophie, is a kitty with claws.  She quarrels with mum, parties and grumps like your bog-standard adolescent. Seen this all before, or get enough of it at home? This one-woman show turns the ordinary on its head when Sophie suddenly vanishes and the race to find her begins.

Written by Janice Dunn alongside co-director and star of the show Maria Lohmann, the edgy plot has laughs, tears and certainly isn’t afraid to bite. Lohmann remarkably captures the unfolding nightmare as she snaps between characters in seconds.  Whilst acting alone was a “challenge”, Lohmann has a mesmerising but almost unnerving knack for it. 

Following last year’s five star premiere of Catastrophic Sex Music, FasterPussycat’s second production successfully brings contemporary British drama to Copenhagen again.    
“It is an intriguing, funny, surprising and human production,” says Lohmann. 

“We want to bring exciting, fresh work to an audience looking for a new experience.”  
The fresh-faced company also has a passion for youth development, inviting local writers to contribute to the text. 

Reminiscent of The Killing but with more laughs and less noir, FasterPussycat has created an unusual breed of show that is bound to get your ticker going in the unique belly of the Bådteatret (literally boat-theatre) on the Nyhavn quayside.  
Who said pussycats don’t like water?