Aarhus suffers a rash of summertime burglaries

Hot summer brings criminals out in force

Aarhus and its suburbs endured a 30 percent increase in burglaries over the summer, with the Risskov, Højbjerg and Viby areas being the most affected.  

There were a total of 721 break-ins of private homes reported during the summer months – the highest number reported in the past five years according to a statement by east Jutland police.

“We are aware that some areas of eastern Jutland are better off than Aarhus when it comes to burglaries,” Claus Danø, an inspector for the east Jutland police, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

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Danø could not explain why the Risskov, Højbjerg and Viby neighbourhoods were particularly hard hit.

“An obvious guess is that burglars are attracted to the area because there are many residential neighbourhoods, and they can assume that many are on holiday leaving valuables behind,” he said.

Local and international thieves at work
Danø said that both “locals” and eastern Europeans” have been arrested for burglary this summer. Danø said that the eastern European thieves were particularly skilled

The reported clearance rate by police for burglaries stands at 6.4 percent.

“They are almost impossible to guard against because they are professional and knowledgeable,” he said. They have thought the crimes through and are clever enough to use cars with Danish number plates.”