Millions of Gmail accounts compromised

Thousands in Denmark are among those affected by overnight leak of accounts and passwords

The names and passwords of five million Gmail accounts wordwide were leaked on the internet last night. That number included around 10,000 accounts registered as being in Denmark. 

Security gurus said there is no reason for panic, but that all Gmail users should change the password to their Gmail account.  

“For safety’s sake, that would be a great idea,” Peter Kruse, who works for the security company CSIS, told Jyllands-Posten.

Old data
Kruse said it appeared that the data collected seemed to be about three years old, meaning that the breach may not be all that critical.

"We have collected the data set, and we can confirm its validity, but the data seems to be older,” he said. 

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Fourteen days ago, a Russian mail service grabbed 4.7 million mail accounts in a similar fashion. 

"There are groups that are scooping up many addresses that can be sold or made public," Kruse said.