Good chance to see the Northern Lights in Denmark tonight

With any luck, the sky could be spectacular tonight

Should there be clear skies tonight over Denmark, there will be a chance to see the unique Northern Lights weather phenomenon when dusk gives way to darkness.

The Northern Lights, the common term for Aurora Borealis, occur when solar flares collide with high altitude atmosphere – particularly prevalent in the high-latitude Northern Hemisphere – leading to a spectacular natural light display in the skies above.

The solar flares have been classified as major X1.6-class flares, and scientists from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are monitoring the flares with great interest.

“The solar flares took place sometime in September, when Earth is most receptive to geomagnetic disturbances,” Kristoffer Leer, a, astrophysics post doc researcher at DTU Space, told

“If the weather is clear, there are good chances to see the Northern Lights in Denmark on Friday night.”

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Get out of the city
But you need to get out of the city because the light generated by highly-populated areas makes it almost impossible to see the stunning fluorescent-coloured weather phenomenon, according to national meteorologist DMI.

Furthermore, the best viewing results are obtained by facing north and having a clear view of the northern horizon.