Pancakes and handshakes at City Hall

September 13th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Over 40 organisations attended the Copenhagen Expat Fair at City Hall last week on Tuesday, where they provided over 1,000 visitors with information about vocational, educational and leisure opportunities in the city. 

(Photo: Yuliya Hudoshnyk)

Olga, 36, and Elena, 34, originally Russian (second left) praised the location of the event and “the not boring speech” of Thomas Jakobsen, the head of the Culture and Leisure Administration at the City Council.

(Photos: Yuliya Hudoshnyk)

Nora from Oslo was fascinated by sports clubs, although we’re not sure whether she tried Copenhagen Celtic, where Coogan and Jon Treacher were eager to get their hands on fresh blood.

(Photo: Yuliya Hudoshnyk)

Additionally and traditionally, there were pancakes with almonds served. Arina, 29, and Peter, 31, from Hungary said they were a “perfect asset”. 

(Photo: Yuliya Hudoshnyk)

Dan, 48, from US recalled, however, that “the pancakes used to be bigger”. 

(Photo: Yuliya Hudoshnyk)

He couldn’t compete with Zikoh, 28, from the Ivory Coast (right), who has been here for 20 years and says “a sense of humour” is what you need to succeed at being an expat in Denmark.


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