Vino at the Chateau: The French castle that is the Pride of Provence

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The American wine critic Robert Parker called Chateau Vignelaure “one of the finest wineries, not just in Provence, but in the whole of France”.

I visited Chateau Vignelaure, located in the heart of Provence, in August. My interest in the region started a few years ago at a tasting that included the Chateau Vignelaure rosé. 
It was one of the best I have tasted, and I have since followed the house with great interest, but with difficulty, as we don’t often see wines from this area in Denmark, which is a great shame. 

Vibrant and fruity

Current owners Bengt and Mette Sündström have done a great job, raising the already prestigious chateau to new heights. 
Chateau Vignelaure is spread over 100 hectares of land, of which 60 are planted with vines. The grapes are hand-picked and grown without the use of chemicals. In 2015, the entire wine production operation will be certified as organic. 

The house produces consumer-friendly wines that  honour tradition, while constantly working with modern techniques and blends to develop taste and bouquet. 
Vignelaure’s philosophy is to bring wine into a new era. The wines are vibrant and fruity; the types of wine that today's consumers are looking for. 

Perfect for seasonal pairings 

"I will not make a wine that I do not like myself,” said Bengt Sündström. 
The wines range from light fruity to rich red and elegant rosé wines in a wide array of flavours.

The deep reds are perfect for Danish cuisine as the weather turns colder and heavier dishes find their way back to the table. The wines make a good investment or holiday gift, while the Chateau Vignelaure rosè is probably the best rosé still I have tasted. 

All the wines can be purchased at, where there are exciting specials for Copenhagen Post readers in connection with Sündström’s.You can also use the code ‘Vignelaure’ for free shipping, providing you live in the delivery area.

Le Page blanc

Le Page wines should be enjoyed while still young. They are light, but with great fruit concentration and good body. The white wine is based on Chardonnay, the red and rosè on Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Le Page white wine is from 2013 and based on Vermention and Roussanne.


hateau Vignelaure rosè 

It is no exaggeration to say that this is probably the best rosé wine I have ever tasted. Sporting a classic Provence colour, the bright rosé taste reflects the fruit and berries of the region splendidly. And furthermore, it’s a great year-round wine that you can enjoy in summer, autumn, winter and spring.




La Source Rouge (& Rosè) 

Cabernet Sauvignon combines with Syrah, Carigan, Grenache and Cinsault to produce two soft, intense wines. Local sun-ripened berries combine with vanilla for the red (ready after 3-6 years), while the rosè has a beautiful Provence colour and an elegant taste and texture (2-3 years).  




Chateau Vignelaure  Rouge 2007 

Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah in a superb blend. Dark in colour with a delicate bouquet of vanilla and sun-ripened berries. Aged in new French barrels (70 percent) or steel tanks (30), the wine rests for two years after it is bottled and can be enjoyed immediately or kept for as long as 30 years. 




La Colline 


Sommeliers will be blown away by the qualities of this Merlot-based wine that has an unmistakable touch of Cabernet Sauvignon. The elegant and robust wine is aged for 18 months and the result is a rich and hardy number than can complement the strongest of dishes, making it perfect for pairing.