Compositions, country, rhymes and rhythm

The Breton musician is silently heralded as one of Europe’s finest living composers. 

The maverick mind behind the artistic movie soundtrack for the cult French movie Amelie, Tiersen is renowned for his melodic, wistful and fantastical compositions. 
Able to play a variety of instruments and taking inspiration from outside of the realm of classical music, Tiersen possesses a curious, if not magical ability to cultivate timeless compositions that will only mature as the decades roll by. 

There are only a few tickets left remaining. 

Sun 28 Sep, 20:00; Store Vega; 180kr

Avi Buffalo 
Since making a big impression at SXSW some years back, more and more have discovered the American band’s picturesque soundscapes, colourful lyrics and lovable teen-folk theme.

Put some colour into music (Photo by: Jason Persse)

Sun 28 Sep, 20:00; Ideal Bar, Vega; 80kr  

Azealia Banks
The Haarlem-born hip-hopper made one of the biggest tunes this decade: ‘212’ featuring Lazy Jay. Far more than a one-hit-wonder, Banks is leading a new wave of street hip-hop.

More than "212" (Photo by: Tim Boddy)

Mon 29 Sep, 19:30; Plænen, Tivoli; 370-475kr   

Kokomo Kings
The all-Scandinavian crooners are all about whiskey, women and the Deep South. They have worked with some of the biggest names in the business over the years. Mississippi is in their blood. 

Kings of blues (Photo by:

Fri 26 Sep, 22:00; Mojo Blues Bar; 80kr

Ibrahim Electric 
A popular fixture on jazz gatherings all over Europe, the musical troubadours are known for their signature combination of eastern and western musical traditions on the Scandinavian jazz scene.

Wedding rhymes together (Photo by:Tuala Hjarnø)

Sat 27 Sep, 21:00; Loppen; 120kr