Danish world trade centre opens in Ballerup

Joining a world-prestigious club thanks to the efforts of the Rønje brothers

Three days after the 13th anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attack, a new world trade center is opening in Ballerup, reported Politiken, but on a much smaller scale.

WTC brand
While most Danes will probably associate the name 'world trade center' with the New York twin skyscrapers that came crashing down in 2001 following a terrorist attack, the term has been used as a highly recognised brand within the financial sector.  

There are, in fact, 300 world trade centers (WTCA) in 100 countries around the globe, including three in Sweden.

The Rønjes prestigeous project
The Danish trade centre was launched by two brothers, Ib Henrik and Torben Rønje, the founders of the Sjælsø Group. 

The Rønjes hope the high prestige of a WTCA will attract many companies to work together under one roof.

They also wish to establish close working relations with sister centres elsewhere in the world.

The Ballerup centre is situated in Siemens' former headquarters, offering about 16,000 sqm of office space.

The original Twin Towers offered 1,240,000 sqm.