TDC buys major Norwegian cable company

Get A/S serves about half a million Norwegians

TDC has spent 12.5 billion kroner to acquire the Norwegian cable company Get A/S. 

A notice from TDC to the stock exchange this morning called the takeover TDC’s “largest and most important investment for many years”.

“We have been waiting for this opportunity, and we see the acquisition as a natural and timely expansion of TDC Group into a leading Scandinavian provider of cable, entertainment and high-speed broadband cable networks,” TDC chief executive Carsten Dilling said in the statement.

“Natural expansion”
Dilling said that the move was a “natural expansion” of TDC’s foray into the cable market – its development and operation of YouSee in Denmark. 

The purchase will expand TDC’s cable business by 0.5 million households to 1.7 million Scandinavian households, making TDC Scandinavia the largest in its market.

The deal requires approval from the Norwegian competition authorities and is expected to be approved definitively by the end of the year. 

A heritage company
Get TV chief executive Gunnar Evensen is expected to stay in charge following the merger.

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Get  TV, Norway’s second largest provider of cable TV, was founded in 1969. The company is headquartered in Oslo and has about 840 employees. Customers currently have access to 150 Norwegian and international TV channels. They also offer a digital movie service that has more than 6,000 titles.