Royals part of trade delegation heading to Canada

September 16th, 2014

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Some 80 Danish companies also tagging along

The Crown Prince Couple has teamed up with the trade and development minister, Mogens Jensen, as part of a Danish delegation heading to Canada to boost trade between the nations.

The delegation also includes about 80 Danish companies that are looking to establish or expand their activities in a Canadian market that is on the rise.

“We expect a 30 percent increase in Danish exports to Canada because of the upcoming free trade agreement between Canada and the EU,” Jensen said in a press release.

“The agreement means that companies are exempt from paying tax and customs on almost all goods aside from a few agricultural products.”

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Medicinal giants present
Medicinal and pharmaceutical products account for about 40 percent of Danish exports to Canada, and the Danish delegation includes representatives from Danish pharmaceutical giants such as Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck, Coloplast and LEO Pharma.

Jensen said that the health sector plays a crucial role in maintaining the strong commercial bonds that exist between the two countries.

“The Danish medicinal companies will have even better conditions with the free trade agreement, which will improve patent protection on their products,” Jensen said.

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90 years of co-operation
Aside from the medicinal sector, the delegation will also focus heavily on agriculture and food, architecture and construction, and fashion and design.

In connection with the visit, the Crown Prince Couple will take part in the celebration of 90 years of co-operation between Denmark and Canada in the area of diabetes treatment.

With annual exports of almost eight billion kroner, Canada is Denmark’s 24th largest export market.


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