Owners of online sports retailer score huge on football clothing

With its sole focus on football products, online shop Unisport generates huge profits

A massive increase in online sales generated Unisport 26.2 million kroner in dividends since 2009, Børsen reports.

Online success with one focus
Unisport sells football clothing and shoes exclusively.

The company launched its online shop in 2002 and operates in all of the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and the UK.

It was founded in 1995 in Copenhagen, and currently has only one physical store.

Way ahead of the competition
Unisport's economic performance stands in sharp contrast to the more traditional sports chains such as Intersport and Sportmaster. 

The two nationwide chains lost 7.4 million and 55.3 million kroner respectively in 2013, and are generally behind their online competitors.