Danish diabetes treatment among the best in Europe

September 17th, 2014

This article is more than 10 years old.

But experts call for a better screening program

Thanks to a systematic effort and ambitious research, the Danish treatment of diabetes is rated in the top three just behind the Netherlands and leaders Sweden, according to the newly-released Euro Diabetes Index 2014 (in English).

The report found that the Danes have prioritised the fight against diabetes high on the political agenda via initiatives aimed at improving diet and lifestyle.

“Over the past ten to 15 years, Denmark has prioritised preventative health measures highly due to the fact that lifestyle-related illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer make up the majority of the health burden today,” Beatriz Cebolla, a manager at the Euro Diabetes Index, said in the report.

Among the diabetes initiatives were a systematic follow-up up of patients, data collection, diabetes schools and the speed at which new medicine is incorporated. Access to doctors, nurses and eye examinations are also elements that help.

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Room for improvement
But the Danes have ranked at the top of European diabetes treatment for years now – only six years ago they ranked first. Undiagnosed diabetes is one of the central issues.

“The number of non-diagnosed diabetes patients in Denmark is unknown like in all the other nations, but it is probably quite considerable,” Cebolla said.

“An improved coverage of the screening program is needed.”

In 2013, more than 32 million Europeans lived with diabetes – over 8 percent of the population – but that is expected to increase to 38 million by 2035. Only 50 percent of the European population with diabetes have been diagnosed.

Denmark is ranked third behind Sweden and the Netherlands, while Bulgaria, Lithuania and Estonia bring up the rear (Photo: Euro Diabetes Index)


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