Business groups want to do away with excessive regulation

Over-interpretation of EU rules reducing competitiveness

The over-implementation and ‘illogical’ interpretation of EU regulations are hurting Danish businesses, according to business organisations Landbrug & Fødevarer and Dansk Erhverv. The groups are starting a campaign called #Ligefor to focus on an equal implementation of EU regulations.

“When Denmark implements EU regulations, we often do more than the EU actually requires,” Søren Gade, the head of Landbrug & Fødevarer, said on the organisation’s website.

“It costs us competitiveness and growth in Denmark. As a society, we have to look twice at the number of these rules and ask ourselves if they really help anyone.”

Hurting businesses
The campaign will focus on creating changes by pointing out concrete examples of legislation the groups feel are off-track.

“The general principle should be that we do not introduce stricter rules in Denmark than they do in our neighbouring countries,” said Gade. “ We want politicians to examine the impact of new regulations much closer than they do today and ascertain whether existing rules still serve their intended purpose.” 

The campaign website,, goes active today.