Transport minister wants parts of DSB privatised

Heunicke wants train operator to oversee outsourcing and bids

Magnus Heunicke, the transport minister, has said that train operator DSB, and not the government, should be allowed to outsource some of its services.

“I want to make a model allowing DSB to outsource a certain percentage of its operations,” Heunicke told the internet newspaper Altinget.

“DSB would continue to be in charge of ticketing and contact with passengers, but passengers do not care whose name is on the train as long as they get the best service for the best price.”

Public/private co-operation
Heunicke would like to see a model that includes both public and private funding, which makes its own bids and offers. The minister contends that DSB knows its needs better than the government.

“I don’t see what the government can do that DSB cannot," said Heunicke. “There is no logic in assuming that the ministry knows better than DSB in some areas.”

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DSB's current chief officer, Jesper Lok, previously said he was in favour of outsourcing some of DSB’s equipment needs.

Venstre traffic spokesperson Kristian Pihl Lorentzen called Heunicke’s plan “pseudo-privatisation” and said that it would not work.