Change in the asylum law to help hundreds of refugees

The Justice Ministry is proposing short-term residence permits to assist the many asylum-seekers coming to Denmark

The growing number of asylum-seekers has prompted the Danish government to take action and propose an amendment to the Danish law on asylum system, explained the Justice Ministry in a press release.

As soon as the change comes into effect, people fleeing from a civil war, or in similar circumstances, will be able to get a special, time-limited residence permit in Denmark. 

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Historically high influx of refugees
The number of asylum-seekers in Denmark has recently risen to a historically high level. 

While at the beginning of the year, authorities recorded a decrease in asylum applications, during the past few months there has been an explosion of refugees coming to Denmark.

In August alone, 1,135 people applied for asylum in the country.

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War refugees looking for protection
Most of the refugees are coming from civil war-tormented Syria, asking for protection.  

The vast majority of them are not individually persecuted. 

In total, 602 refugees were granted a residence permit in August.