Embrace the last sunshine of summer

Autumn will finally be upon us on Sunday

After a rather spectacular summer by Danish standards, it finally looks like we will be turning the corner towards autumn next week.

Today and Saturday will offer up a good share of sunshine with temperatures ranging from 18-23 degrees C during the day, although temperatures will start to drop slightly tomorrow.

“The weather won’t be as sunny,” Jørn Thomsen, a meteorologist from DMI, told Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

“It will start off with some clouds and fog in areas, but that will ‘burn off’ as the day progresses and the wind will remain comparatively weak.”

Cooler next week
On Sunday night, a cold front will close in on Denmark bringing with it some rain, overcast periods, more wind and lower temperatures ranging from 15-18 degrees C.

Next week, the weather will offer up some more sunshine, but temperatures won’t reach much higher than 15 degrees C, spelling an end to this year’s summer.