Denmark to spend 110 billion on rail by 2030

Metro, light rail and maintenance getting funds as part of modernisation plan

The Transport Ministry is promising to spend a lot of cash in the next 16 years to update the nation’s ageing rail system. According to a ministry release, over 100 billion kroner will be doled out by 2030.

“There are funds for the maintenance of the current tracks, but of course also a lot of new tracks, including many for the Metro and light rail,” Radikale transport spokesperson Andreas Steenberg told DR Nyheder. “Danes living in both urban and rural areas will benefit.”

Historic investment
Steenberg said the funding is a “historic break” from the past and Denmark’s lack of investment in developing modern railway.

Rail infrastructure fund Togfonden will receive 29.1 billion kroner, the constantly under-construction Metro City Ring will get 24.1 billion kroner, 18.9 billion kroner will go to track maintenance and light rail will receive 7.7 billion kroner

“There is much to gain,” said Steenberg. “We expect more passengers because the trains will be faster and run on time because there will be more room on the rails.”

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No funds for new train were included in the ministry’s note, but an external consultant's report on the fate of the troubled IC4 trains is due this autumn, along with part of the Finance Ministry's financial framework for the purchase of new trains.